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Working as a community manager in Lumber

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The community management is really difficult task to manage. To manage the work of community manager like Amir Parekh, then the person needs to have specific qualities. The skills that the manger requires to manage the work are the skills to deal with people, should have knowledge about property management and should be able to deal with different issues that arise in the field work. The one, who has lack of creativity and get stressed with small problems, would have to face different problem in this type of field.FL-30-04-2015-11-31-15

There are lots of responsibility that one need to carry on, being a community manager. To become a manager like Amir Parekh, the first thing that one to identify is the area of the opportunities and the other factor that one need to manage is the probing of products and services.


To deliver the best as Amir Parekh, one should be creative as well as attentive while its work. To improve the welfare of the community, one should point out workable strategies. Being community manager, you should always out with ideas which are acceptable to your client and also provide welfare to the community. This is real field where you need to show your creativity. You find that creativity is the key factor the projects of Amir Parekh.

The work of team

The most important and essential step of community management is the working in a team. The most vital thing that will help you to get the desired result is your behavior with your colleagues.  The relation of one person to other, particularly in team, gives a huge impact on the working style.  When there is good coordination among the team member then the result is different and puts a great impact on the client as well as on others office colleagues. Most of the project of Amir Parekh is based on this strategy only. It is also the responsibility of the manager to involve all the people in their work and has the ability to solve problems of their team members. The team works are always good as a different ideas exchange between the people. This makes the result good also helps to find different ways to solve a problem.


The communication works, as a bridge between two people to understand the things properly said by Amir Parekh. The field of property management or the community, in both the field communication plays an important role. To put your work and ideas in front of the other people, the communication skills are required to make you know all the things. It is the duty as well as the responsibility of the community manager to ensure that the information is delivered to the client in a right manner and efficiently. The other factor that will require your communication skill is the way you interact with the people and convince them for your ideas. To make people convince about your ideas, you should exactly know your crowd and make people to ask questions about your ideas. When people ask questions about your ideas or plan, then you can easily solve their problem and you will be able to know different problems. The team members of Amir Parekh, have good communication skills which make each and every members unique in their team.


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Amir Parekh says, that being the manager of the organization, you need to appreciate the right person, at the right time. This increases the confidence of your employee and the employee become more dedicated for the work. Amir Parekh

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