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Working as a community manager in Lumber

Skill and qualities to develop your business – Amir Parekh

The community is managed has to deal with different activities which are related to business. These FL-30-04-2015-11-31-15business activities include controlling, strategic division, planning and problem solving technique. In these categories, the strategic division has a wide range and has various sub-heading like the quality of leadership, engaging sub-ordinates, motivational support and establishing strong bonding in the group.

Difference between average and excellent manager

When the managers have the quality of leadership then this quality makes him stand out among the crowd. This quality makes the average manager to the extra ordinary manager. This quality makes the difference between the average manager and an excellent manager. Amir Parekh said that generally average manager is used to focus on the development of the present operation and problem solving technique while excellent manger use to focus on the development of the future operation and techniques.

The excellent manger like Amir Parekh always think to bring focus on  the present situation and try to think in the direction to make further development in the present technology. They think to enhance the quality of the work as well as desired to do more work.

Knowledge of executive education

Today, people give more value to the practical knowledge, not to the theoretical knowledge. Amir Parekh says that the practical knowledge helps the individual to prepare themselves for the business leader. The practical knowledge helps the individual to face challenges and boost their confidence to cope up with the challenges.  This type of education can be termed as executive education. The management leadership is the part of the executive education. This type of education not only boost the confidence of the team but also interpersonal; skills of the team members. If you want to gain confidence like Amir Parekh then you must go for executive education.

Training and development

Amir Parekh says that the development of training and development programs helps the individual to develop the vision and make them more focus towards their work. In one person, the quality of leadership and management skills are managed by the management leadership executive education. To develop these types of skills, one can work in peer network. You can also participate in the task which is done under the mentor. This will also help you to know that how one should work and behave in the team.

Amir Parekh says that the education of management, leadership executive helps the individual to specify its goal and objective. The strategic goals help the organization to meet the desired success and growth. It also inspires and motivates other people to follow the same path. It not only works for the top hierarchy, but also works for other hierarchy to achieve its goal and vision for the organization

Training and development

Training session and peer group with feedback can help an individual to become a good manager as well as effective leader like Amir Parekh. As today’s world is full of competition and to survive in this competition, one should have the quality of leadership and good management skills.


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Amir Parekh says, that being the manager of the organization, you need to appreciate the right person, at the right time. This increases the confidence of your employee and the employee become more dedicated for the work. Amir Parekh

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