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Skill to Manage your Team – Amir Parekh

The manager is the person who has the quality to work with the other people and also has the ability to take work from others. The effective manager should have the quality that every second person related to the manager is positive for the manager. The person who doesn’t have the ability to deal with the different person then he can face difficulty in doing their job properly. Here are some skills that one should posses to become a good manager like Amir Parekh.

  • Listening skills

To become a good manager like Amir Parekh, one should have the skills of listening. Most of the manager’s time goes inFL-30-04-2015-11-31-15 listening other people, instead of telling things to others. To become a good manager like Amir Parekh, one should always remember that being a manager you need to listen, not make others to listen you. To get good results for your entrepreneur, one should bring this thought in the practice. When you listen other people in your organization, you will be easily come to know what is going on in the organization. The quality of listening is not an easy task and that’s why everyone doesn’t posses this quality. Even some people find speaking easier than listening. According to Amir Parekh, Listening others is the most important characteristic that one should have to successful in the selected career of your choice.

  • Skill of communication

To be a good manager one should have good skills of communication. Communication is one of the most important skills that work as a bridge among the team members and other people. To make strong bonding with other people one need to do strong communication between customers, co-workers, and boss. The person should also have the ability to express thing verbally and effectively like Amir Parekh. In case, if you lack of these qualities then, you cannot become a good manager like Amir Parekh. These are skills that makes individual to present things more effectively and smartly.

  • Skill to recognize the reality

According to Amir Parekh, being a manger the individual comes at the top hierarchy and when you sit at the position then you become more responsible. Being at the top of the management, one needs to have the ability to judge the reality. The person should have the ability to differentiate between the truth and the fake things. There are many people who are in chance to play dirty games with you and these type of people are enough smart to do planning and plotting against you and your organization. To deal with this kind of people one need to act smart and able to see the real things in their environment. And if you don’t have these types of quality then you cannot justify the position of the manager as Amir Parekh has justified the position of manager. There are many people in the society who say the things that you want to listen, instead of saying what they want to say. This type of people wants to flatter you and make use of your position.


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Amir Parekh says, that being the manager of the organization, you need to appreciate the right person, at the right time. This increases the confidence of your employee and the employee become more dedicated for the work. Amir Parekh

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