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4 effective qualities of a top class manager – Amir Parekh

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Starting a business could be the dream of a single person, but two hands are not just enough to deal with the whole thing if you are thinking to earn a huge profit. If you are thinking of earning a huge profit, you will definitely require more than two hands. Here comes the real business and job of a manager who will direct its employees. Management is not just a piece of a cake and it requires too much efficiency and effectiveness of a person. Besides this, a team is also required that will produce a high output and that will satisfy the needs of a manager. Without proper managing skills, no business can run and no team can survive. Amir Parekh is one of the top class businessman as well as manger who have got all the required skills to run and manage a business in the proper direction. Mr. Parekh not only knows how to manage a team, but also he looks after the welfare of his employees.

Amir Parekh knows exactly how to manage a business properly. There is no reason why one would not hire him as his company’s manager. If you want a top class manager and who has mastered all the qualities of a top class businessman cum manager, Amir Parekh is one of the best available options in the current scenario. So, let’s find out what are the top 5 qualities that a manager should possess like Mr. Parekh.

  1. An alternative option- No one knows what will happen exactly at the next moment. Hence, a top class manager should have the quality to change the current plan and immediately shift to the plan B. Having a plan B is very necessary if you are dealing with a great amount of money and which definitely will be a time consuming task. Amir Parekh has the ability to switch immediately in between plans and it is very necessary because time is the main factor and you don’t want to get delayed in your task.
  2. Divergent thinking- Presence of mind is very urgent when you are dealing with a big task. Amir Parekh says that if a plan fails, the alternate option should be tried. If the alternate option fails, the presence of mind and a divergent thinking is very necessary.
  3. Suspend judgment- Suspending your current decision is very important when you are able to see that your plan will not work. Amir Parekh is a successful manager and this is one of the major causes behind his great success. There are several people who think that they must follow their old judgment and thinks that they will get the success out of it. But, the whole thing is not that simple. Once you came to know about the future happenings, you must have the ability to change your decision like Amir Parekh.
  4. Having conversations- Amir Parekh believes that the most complicated problems cannot be solved by the computer. Only a team of efficient human minds can come up with the proper solution. Hence, a manager must consult his team members before making any final decision.


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Amir Parekh says, that being the manager of the organization, you need to appreciate the right person, at the right time. This increases the confidence of your employee and the employee become more dedicated for the work. Amir Parekh

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